Family, colleagues mourn much-loved teacher believed to be 1st Sask. educator lost to COVID-19 | CBC NewsWe lost a true leader in our community to COVID. Victor Thunderchild touched the lives of more people than anyone can count. We are somewhat at a loss for words, but needed to do something to bring the community together in support for Victor’s family and all those who he has impacted. Prayers for Victor and his family and all those who are impacted by this loss.

Although the symbol of the apple has been used with negative connotations towards Indigenous people, it was chosen to honour his role as a teacher and because it will be easy to draw for those wanting to paint their windows. The feather was chosen to acknowledge his strong cultural influence and his leadership in reconciliation and the revitalization of Indigenous culture within our community and beyond. Victor has left a powerful and beautiful legacy of language, culture, identity, and leadership in our community.