Gumball Goals!

Queen Mary is in need of some new playground equipment. Our current equipment is 40 years old and could  definitely use some sprucing up. We would really like to make our playground a fun and inviting place for our students and community members to enjoy, and we need your help! Queen Mary staff and students have put their time and effort into multiple fundraising activities throughout the year and have managed to raise a significant portion of the funds required. Along with some very generous donations from business and community members, we are definitely on the way to a sparkly new playground! Although we aren’t done yet, we would love to recognize the efforts of everyone involved and shout out a great big thank you to the following:

Mann Northway for their very generous donation of $500.00!

Vermette Wood Preserves for their very generous donation of $500.00!

Vince Parker with the Prince Albert Optimist Club for their very generous donation of two pieces of playground equipment and two bicycles totaling over $3000.00!

Queen Mary Staff & Students (food sales, candy guesses, Sarcan donations, 50/50 sales, wristlet sales) for their hard work and generous donation of $2184.40 and counting!

Kathy Watson for her generous donation of $140.00 in memory of Ann Wall and Papa Watson

Meagan Haydukewich for her generous donation of $50.00.

Vern & Bob walk 100 000

So last year Bobby Henry and I decided over a campfire to walk 100,000 steps in a day, which turned out to be roughly 73 km. It sucked and we said never again.
One year later and we have mapped out a 76.3 km route to raise money for Queen Mary Public School’s playground project. The walk will take approximately 16 hours of continuous forward movement and we invite anyone who wants to join us for a portion of the walk. Our journey is scheduled to take place on May 22nd @0500 starting in the town site of Christopher Lake. We will then walk the scenic route through  Prince Albert National Park, concluding at Elk Ridge Resort.
We are seeking small donations from friends to assist our cause. School Fundraisers are difficult enough at the best of times, but due to COVID it is even more challenging.
If you have a potential item or service you can donate please message me. If you can afford a small donation you can write a cheque payable to Queen Mary Public School or etransfer
100% of the money made will be donated back to the school and we will keep a running tally here.
Stayed tuned and thanks in advance.